Full Season 10 Week Flower Share CSA


Be apart of our community of flower lovers with a 10 week CSA.   Each week starting in late June a hand picked bouquet from the farm will be waiting for you. You’ll have the delights of early season blooms all the way through sunflowers and dahlias! Some other favorites are foxglove, cosmos, zinnias, celosia, feverfew, batchelder buttons, delphinium, lisianthus and so much more!

Bouquet pick up will be at the farm in Windham on Thursdays-*more pick up locations are in the works!

Stand by for an email from Lyndsay with all of the details of who (if it is a gift), what (which type of bouquet), where (pick up time and location), when (date specifics) and how (how to care, handle and transport).

If you are purchasing this as a gift, please state the receiver and their contact information in the message box at purchase.



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